d&b Audiotechnik C7-Sub

The C7 system is ideal for small to medium sized applications, concerts, installations and conferences where dispersion over a wide frequency bandwidth is required. The C7-Sub was designed to be paired with the C7-Top to offer extended bass reproduction.


We recommend pairing the 2x C7-Subs to a C7-Top. This will help give the necessary bass extension to really "thump" the room. 


Frequency Responce= 44 Hz - 140HZ

Max sound pressure level=  135 dB SPL

Power handling capacity= (RMS/peak 10 ms) 400/1200 W

Directionality= Omnidirectional

Components=  18" driver


Power: (KSS C7 system)

If the C7-Top is paired with 2x C7-Subs either side of the stage or performance area it can deliver 2000W (RMS)



 Corporate Events, Conferences, Weddings, Medium sized Parties, Medium Sized Concerts.

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