d&b Audiotechnik E12. 

The E12 speaker is ideal for small to medium sized applications, weddings, installations and conferences where medium dispersion is needed. While the E12 can be used for loud music play back, it really excels at delivering clear speech and is ideal for conference audio. It is also very good for front of house delays to cover those areas that the main PA is missing.


The E12 has a rotatable horn so it can be mounted horizontally and rigged to a truss to create more floor space. This is very convenient for exhibitions and smaller venues where space is limited.


The E12 can also be incorporated into larger distributed sound reinforcement situations and, with the addition of an E15X subwoofer, can also easily reproduce high level music.


Frequency Responce= 50 Hz - 18000HZ

Max sound pressure level=  131 dB SPL

Power handling capacity= (RMS/peak 10 ms) 300/1600 W

Nominal dispersion angle (h x v)= 80° x 50° rotatable through 50° x 80°

Components=  12" driver with neodymium magnet

1.3" exit compression driver with 3" coil and rotatable CD horn
passive crossover network


Power: (KSS E system)

If the E12 is paired with a E15X-Sub either side of the stage or performance area it can deliver 1200W (RMS)


Applications: Corporate Events, Conferences, Exhibitions, Weddings, Small sized Parties, Small Sized Concerts or incorporated into a larger sound reinforcement system.

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