Events, by their very nature, are all about the show,  lights, visuals and experiential moments created through expert production. But none of this is possible without the power to make it happen. A reliable power supply for your event is one of the  most important considerations and should be up there with the venue itself.

The supply of temporary electrical systems is fundamental to all the events we are involved in, be it a simple distribution to run a PA or powering a whole event site. We hold a large stock of cable ramp/cover and regularly provide power for catering at the larger events we are involved in, as well as global adaptation and transformers.

Mains Distros

  • 32A 1ph to 4x 16A
  • 32A 1ph to x6 powercon
  • 63A 1ph to 6x 32A 1ph
  • 32A 3ph to 3x 32A 1ph
  • 32A 3ph to 6x 16A 1ph
  • 63A 3ph to 2x 63A 1ph and x6 32A 1ph
  • 63A 1ph to x3 32A 1ph and x6 16A 1ph
  • 63A 3ph to x3 TruCon, x2 32A 3ph, x3 19pin Soca
  • 125A 3ph to 2x 63a3p, 12x 32a3p

Mains Cable

  • 16A 1ph – 2m, 5m, 10m, 20m 30m
  • 32A 1ph – 5m, 10m, 20m
  • 63A 1ph – 5m, 10m, 20m
  • 32A 3ph – 2m, 10m, 20m
  • 63A 3ph – 2m, 10m, 20m


  • Rubber matting – 50cmx200cm
  • Cable ramp – 2ch small / 4ch heavy duty

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We hold a large stock of equipment in house at our warehouse in Hackney,  East London, where we have been based for over 10 years, Everything we own is kept in the highest of conditions both functionally and cosmetically.


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