Virtual & Hybrid Events

woman talking into a micophonehone in a live stream studio


High quality audio is essential in forming the basis of your virtual or hybrid event.


Wireless lapel microphones are an excellent choice in AV production as they are discreet and camera friendly.  


A mixing desk is used to receive audio feeds, ensuring they are optimum for your live stream.

film shoot lighting at different creative angles


An element of stage and shoot lighting is required to ensure your presenters are seen clearly during your live stream.


The addition of creative lighting can also help give your show a wow factor and tie in with the overall look, feel and branding of your hybrid event.

a camrea man shooting a live stream virtual event


Where possible we always recommend a multiple camera shoot package to facilitate different perspectives and shots of your hybrid event.


Creating a truly visually engaging live stream experience for your viewers is what we are all about.

wirecast running on a macbook pro for a live stream event



Incorporating graphics, slides and videos is essential to bring your live stream event and brand to life on screen.


We can provide solutions that are cost effective yet still robust enough to deliver seamlessly mixed show content.

channel 4 sale team presenting during a hyrbid event


Live Links

Having presenters based at home or abroad can be managed using several professional and reliable online tools where we have a high degree of control over the user’s camera angle and audio signal.


All this ensures that they are linked into your virtual event clearly, seamlessly and always looking their best.

EDIT stream Platform - website.jpg



We offer our own completely brandable and customisable live stream platform in house its called Event Televsion powered by Welcome and we are immensely proud of it  - check it out here!


We are also more than happy to work with your desired choice; our wealth of experience covers Zoom, MS Teams and dedicated events options such as Hopin, Welcome and Blue Jeans.