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Below is a small selection of our standard & custom audio products - we manufacture custom units to order - please contact us for more info. 

We have an indepth understanding of audio systems, grounding, mains, signal transfer and noise related issues that few can rival. We have designed many high-end audio and problem solving units, many of which we hold in stock for quick delivery - please see our online shop pages.

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Iso Unit

Twin Channel Line Isolation Units – these are exceptionally high quality two channel units which provide transformer isolation between connected equipment to help combat hums, buzzes & noise



Please see the spec sheet here for more info

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1:2 Mic


For use where a fully isolated split is required without the issues associated with a simple 'Y split' typed arrangement.  


Using Jensen JT-MB-C Transformers housed in a tough power coated enclosure., they feature wide & flat frequency response, low distortion & low insertion loss.

Please see the spec sheet here for more info