KSS Meets Chris Adnitt

1. What are you focusing on at the moment as a business?

Since Boris's road map announcement last month, things have been crazy in the wedding industry. All eyes are on June 21st as a (hopeful) restart date and it's looking very much like we'll be running almost a year's worth of weddings in the last 6 months of 2021. Right now we're booking clients in for tastings with different caterers, securing options on live music, DJs and photographers and working hard to ensure all hire kit is in place for our couples.

2. How have you found pivoting your business focus during the pandemic?

The Wedding Arrangers really concentrate on building amazing celebrations in London's best 'dry hire' venues - studios, warehouses, arches, lofts etc. We found that the vast majority of our clients wanted to postpone their party rather than compromise on numbers. As a result, there wasn't really a great deal for us to do once we had secured new dates for our couples. I personally found time to pick up on my wine and spirits education at WSET, which was fantastic, and has inspired my new wedding bars project www.londonweddingbars.com @londonweddingbars

3. How has tech played a part in your events?

Lots of our clients don't know where to start when it comes to transforming these amazing spaces into beautiful wedding venues. We always advise that so much can be done through thoughtful and creative lighting. From uplighters to gobos, drop bulbs to dance floor effects, lighting can transform a space, alter moods and really pick out architectural features. We always broach the subject of light and sound production very early on in our process as we're well aware that getting these right is essential to throwing a memorable party. You can read more about lighting your wedding here.

4. Do you have any insight into whether or not the wedding market will be different when it makes a comeback this year?

Over thousands of years of evolution, no matter what race or cultural background, human beings have come together at times of celebration to eat, drink, and dance. I don't think that a year of a pandemic will change that at all - in the long run, we'll get back to some kind of normality. That said, it may take a little while to get there. I'm seeing a certain nervousness about sharing menus for instance, and I think venues will all need to ensure that heightened hygiene procedures are in place. The biggest hurdle we face currently is guests traveling from abroad, but as the world embraces the vaccines I'm sure this will be short-lived.

5. What are you most looking forward to when the economy reopens?

Where do I start? So much of life - restaurants, live music, club nights, real ale in cosy pubs, cinema, theatre, art exhibitions, weekends away, and adventurous holidays.... take your pick!