KSS Meets Gina Hewitt

1. What are you focusing on at the moment as a business?

This strange period of inactivity in our previously thriving industry has allowed It's Here + Now to establish our new website and we are fortunate to have a diverse range of clients that are all exploring alternatives to traditional live events.

I have personally been focusing on creative commissions in the public realm with Creative Giants Art, Nicky has been continuing her graphic design work with our sister company Graphite Studios and Ethan has earned himself a NEBOSH qualification, something that would have been really tricky to fit in during our normal hectic schedule.

2. How have you found pivoting your business focus during the pandemic?

It's Here + Now was just about to launch when the Covid lockdown kicked in (we had previously all worked together but not under this name), so while the business has not pivoted as such we have had to put some plans on ice until the world is ready for people to come together once again. We have tried to use this time constructively to plan for how to intend to promote and operate our business in the future.

3. How has tech played a part in your events?

We have worked with KSS for many years to deliver the production elements of our work with The Other Art Fair and Graduate Fashion Week, we would not have been able to do this without the support of Mark and his team. Power, lighting, sound, and AV are all really important elements of all our events and we appreciate that KSS can work with us on development and budgets to provide the right kit at the right cost.

4. As a respected seasoned event professional, any tips to those looking to get into the industry?

You need a really broad range of skills to have a successful career in events; going above and beyond is part of the job description. You have to be prepared to see the points of view of everyone that you are working with, not just your clients or your immediate colleagues.

Great events rely on lots of different suppliers coming together and everyone has to work together to achieve the end result. As an event producer, I know that I am only as good as the teams that I choose to deliver all of the different elements - promotion, logistics, production, cleaning, security, safety - they are all so dependent on each other.

5. What are you most looking forward to when the economy reopens?

Aside from seeing my friends and family, I am most looking forward to being onsite at events again. There is something really special about showing up on location, knowing you are going to achieve something that you have been planning for months.