KSS Meets Stuart McPherson

1. What are you focusing on at the moment as a business?

We are definitely seeing an upturn in event business after a year of virtually no live projects, and are currently focused on bringing the business fully back to life; both in terms of staffing and the fleet. In addition to the effects of the pandemic, we are also dealing with the fall-out of Brexit, and in particular the restrictions the Brexit deal has placed on European Touring as we knew it prior to December 31st. In order to continue operating as previously, we have opened a sister company in the Republic of Ireland. This is a new challenge for us, but one which is extremely exciting and allows us to fulfill the touring work we already have under quote for the next two years.

2. How have you found pivoting your business focus during the pandemic?

Over the last twelve months, we have been involved in a small number of live stream shows and drive-in events, but in order to mitigate our losses, we have had to pivot into general haulage. Obviously, this has helped to reduce our losses enormously and we’ve been grateful for the lifeline, but we’re extremely pleased to be focusing on the return of event work.

3. How has tech played a part in your events?

The trucking companies are one of the few event disciplines that get to interact with all the tech suppliers on an event and we’re always excited to see what we’re carrying. In the years since we began trading in 1992, technological developments have been huge. It’s the tech and its design which really makes a difference to an audience’s experience of a live event or a show and every time I go on site, I’m struck by the initial ideas that tech then goes on to make possible. I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in some amazing events in my time, and that feeling of ‘wow’ when you’re presented with something completely new, never fades.

4. What are you most looking forward to when the economy reopens?

We love what we do, and work with some amazing people and this became even more poignant during the pandemic when it was no longer possible. We simply can’t wait to get back on the road with our extended event family, doing the live events we adore – and earning some money!