Behind the scenes of a studio-based online event at Protein Studios.

Let us take you behind the scenes and show you how we planned and produced this show-stopping, studio-based online event in London at Protein Studios.

Event Objective

To create a fun, exciting afternoon of live and interactive musical entertainment for the staff of a well-known search engine’, was the brief from our client.

The Process


One of our venue partners in Shoreditch, Protein Studios, was chosen as the location for the stream. As a blank canvas venue, we were able to fully customise the look with creative lighting elements for the client. The venue also benefits from a central location and a high-speed internet connection (critical for online events).


Our client worked with a talent management company, Scarlett Entertainment, to find the right act for the event and decided on Piano Factor, a high-energy duelling piano party band. They were chosen because of the fun interactive nature of their show, perfect for engaging a remote audience.

The live band consisted of two pianos and a drummer, who played songs requested by the viewing audience via a company slack channel.


KSS provided all technical production for the event including;

A 3 camera shoot package using Sony PXW FS7 Pros, a Roland VH800 switcher, and a stream package using Macbook Pros running Wirecast and YouTube Live.

Including a roaming camera in the package meant we could reposition to get different angle shots of the band and increase audience engagement.

A creative lighting solution was provided using Chauvet Slim PAR pros, ETC Source 4 Jrs

and MCM Pars and as a stand-out feature - Showtec Vintage Blaze.

Audio reinforcement was provided using Shure microphones, Sennheiser G3 IEMs, and a Yamaha QL1.

Team & Logistics

Events wouldn’t be anything without their people and for this event, the crew included separate sound, lighting, and video-playback engineers, a stream engineer, and a vision mixer. Two camera operators were also onsite and a production manager from our client, who coordinated all the operational activities.

Our KSS crew commenced load-in first thing in the morning of the event, followed by a quick dress rehearsal to make sure all the equipment was working. A further soundcheck was done in the afternoon before the stream went live via Youtube.


With our client making the decision to invest in a hybrid event, it meant that they were able to interactively engage with their team, all based in remote locations. A seamless production process and delivery were paramount to the success of this studio-based live stream and for this event, it was executed perfectly by our KSS crew and our clients team, and of course with thanks to the full cooperation and amazing music from Piano Factor!

Production Manager Lea Dixon commented, ‘‘Once again a total pleasure to work with you (KSS), going above and beyond to ensure we achieve what we’re after!’’

If you are interested in hosting a studio-based event and want to chat with our team then please get in touch here. We’ll be happy to discuss the different options available to you!