Behind the scenes of a studio-based online event for Channel 4.

Let us take you behind the scenes of this pioneering event for 4Sales at White Rabbit Studios.


KSS provided technical infrastructure for the launch of Black to Front, Channel 4's most ambitious cultural intervention ever. Taking place later this year, the day will see Channel 4’s entire schedule reimagined with all content fronted by Black talent.

The Process

Location & Logistics

The filming took place at our home venue in Shoreditch, White Rabbit Studios, making use of the entire space. Studio one was used as the studio floor and studio two acted as our green room and back of house. We set up the gallery control room in studio three which was also used for the VT play out of the final edited content.

The event lasted a week, consisting of set-up and establishing shots and then a couple of days dedicated to the recording and overnight edits. On the final day, we produced a live playout of all edited content to the audience via zoom.

Event Focus & Talent

The launch filming that took place at White Rabbit Studios consisted of a series of fireside chats and talking heads between Channel 4 show cast members and senior staff.

Production Collaboration

This event was a brilliant collaboration between KSS, Rouge Events, and Premier Creative. KSS provided technical infrastructure for the filming including power, rigging, lighting, network distribution and a control room for the VT play out. Premier Creative provided the cameras, direction, and editing, while Rouge Events expertly knitted the whole project together, from a styling and event logistics point of view.

Tech Elements

We designed a lighting concept using Astera titan tubes, fitting effortlessly into the set and styling alongside the industry's favourite Arri Sky panels to light the on-screen talent.

Our control room consisted of Macbook Pros with playback pro for VTs, a Roland V-800 switcher, SSL Sl500 mixing desk on audio duties, with Macbook Pros running Wirecast to send out to Zoom.


The event was a great example of how professionals from different areas of the production industry can collaborate successfully and within a very short lead time.

The launch of Black to Front really has created a buzz within the advertising industry and we can’t wait to see the full showcase later this year.

If you are interested in hosting a studio-based event and want to chat with our team then please get in touch here. We’ll be happy to discuss the different options available to you!