KSS and London’s Art Fairs.

We have a long-standing relationship with London's art fairs. In fact, it’s safe to say that over the last 10 years we have pretty much become the go-to production partner for larger scale sound reinforcement at the fairs.


We began working with art fairs many years ago, what started out as a very simple two-speaker DJ package for the bar area, then grew to site-wide announcement and background music systems that have now grown even more in scale - often comprising of over 250 loud speakers. In many instances, we provide full tech production (sound, light and video, power) for the entire fair site.

Our work across London has also enabled us to expand these production offerings to fairs abroad, including the USA.

Our approach

In the past many art fairs had been making do with a handful of speakers positioned around the main fair floor, sometimes suspended and sometimes on tripods but never really enough for the size of the space or in the right positions. Fair sizes are often in huge structures ranging from football pitch size + easily!

In the first instance, many years ago, when the Affordable Art Fair came to us wanting a solution for their sound dilemmas at their Hampstead fair, we decided to take a unique approach.

Rigging high fidelity speakers (not 100v line systems) to the marquee structure’s roof beams allowed us to deploy a huge number of smaller speakers across the site and to get them EQ’d and time aligned so that music and announcements were passed clearly throughout the whole site.

The success of this approach and our commitment to our fair partners has enabled us to become one of the leading suppliers in London stocking a huge number of small format speakers, specially designed and configured zone control, push to talk systems, and cable distribution systems.

If you are looking for audio reinforcement for your next event then get in touch with us and we will make sure to provide you with the perfect solution to fit the requirements of your event.