KSS Meets Gavin Tempany

1. What are you focusing on at the moment as a business?

There a few answers to that, one being just surviving! I do a lot of different things, mostly rock and roll touring but due to the pandemic that has all been shut down for the past year so I've been trying to keep busy by making and constructing different things to hopefully sell. I have a couple of 3D printers so it's easy for me to prototype things but I haven't yet made anything completely sellable!

2. How have you found pivoting your business focus during the pandemic?

I've been really lucky in the fact that in the years I have been working my skill set hasn't just been doing sound. Most people focus on one area e.g corporate sound or front-of-house sound but I've been lucky that I have worked on recording studios, front of house and live recordings with big artists. This last year I have been involved in a lot of live streaming for gigs which kept me busy all through the lockdown.

3. How has tech played a part in your events?

I've always been more than a sound engineer, I would describe myself as a digital therapist. During the lockdown, I was doing loads of remote support for clients, mixing records in their studio but sitting in my house, and whilst I was doing that sort of thing before it definitely increased over the past year as clients became more accepting of this remote way of working together.

4. What are you most looking forward to as the economy starts to reopen?

Getting on a plane and being able to travel freely!

The next thing we'll need to turn our attention to though is Brexit, the silent killer, as getting the logistics now to tour within Europe for UK acts will change a lot for the trucking industry. The way that trucking works at the moment is that you can only do 5 stops before having to return to the UK and we haven't yet dealt with how this will affect the industry so that'll all be a bit bonkers!