Introducing our Remote Presenter Kit.

Rewind to March 2020, a pandemic has suddenly put a stop to all in-person events and our new reality is living within the four walls of our homes. Since lockdown started many businesses have had to pivot their offering in order to survive, including those within the events industry, and KSS was no different.

With the visible shift towards virtual events over the past year, there have been noticeable problems with the remote tools used to broadcast an event from home, including trouble with pixelated picture quality, video streaming, and glitchy sound. KSS identified a solution to this problem and has produced a cost-effective and efficient way to broadcast your next event from home or studio, without compromising on quality, and it’s accessible to all.

We have been in the technical production industry for over 15 years now and our values remain the same, to provide a reliable service for our clients by using top quality kit for every event and to provide customer service that is second to none.

We saw it as our duty to identify and provide an answer to the technical problems that were, and still are, being experienced due to the pandemic and we made sure the solution that we found still aligns with all our values.

Introducing our Remote Presenter Kit

The Remote Presenter Kit is our compact solution to provide you with all the remote tools you need to successfully broadcast your virtual event. It includes simple, reliable, and easy-to-use equipment. The kit is suitable for all presenters, hosts, and business owners who are looking for a high-quality solution for remote broadcasting, and good news, it’s available for hire now.

So what's included?

  • An HD webcam with built-in ring light for premium picture quality

  • One of our show spec laptops

  • Two additional LED panel lights, creating a 3-point lighting set-up

  • Adjustable mic, clipped to the chest, for high-quality sound

  • Discrete TV-style In Earpiece for audio return

CLICK HERE to watch our demo video.

So, we have your tech all sorted for your next online event but what about the actual presenting part? We recommend reading the Harvard Business Review article on ‘How to crush your next virtual presentation’ where Gia Storms recommends her top tips on how to communicate effectively with your audience, albeit through a screen.

Happy Presenting Team!

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