The benefits of hosting your next virtual event from a studio.

Virtual Events

Since virtual events have become the new normal over the past year, I’m sure many of you reading this can recall an event/webinar or workshop you attended online or hosted where there were technical issues and visually disappointing theming that affected the quality of the experience for you or your audience.

So what's the solution to this? We see the solution as a move from a fully remote home-presented show to a professionally produced studio online broadcast.

But what actually is a Studio and what does it consist of?

In its simplest form a broadcast studio for a live stream event is much like a TV studio - that is, a dedicated multiple room space that has been designed and crafted for the event and show at hand. A studio is generally divided into several rooms which are separated for noise and practicality reasons. These rooms include a control room, studio floor, and a green room all of which are connected via show comms/talkback system and show relay video screens.

Professional broadcast equipment is included throughout the studio including cameras and lighting and equipment specifically designed to deal with VT and graphic playback, live linking in remote presenters, streaming to your chosen platform, and recording of the transmission.

Click here to see how we transformed Protein Studios in Shoreditch into a bespoke broadcast Studio for Stealth Productions.

The Benefits of a Studio

Instant Upgrade

Adding a studio presence to your online event will instantly upgrade the look and feel of your show. Studio-based events can be specifically crafted for the needs of your show whether it’s a one-way stream or a fully interactive viewer experience.

Imagine how your audience watching will feel by going…

Ok, perhaps a bit extreme - but you get our point hopefully!

Bespoke Styling

Styling can be done according to brand preferences, either kept quite simple and effective or truly bespoke with a custom-built stage backdrop incorporating lighting and video.

Click here to see how we transformed the Apple Beats Residency venue in Shoreditch into a stylish broadcast set piece!

Higher Engagement

There is nothing better than event presenters being in the same room together, that’s why we feel this is a huge benefit to using a studio.

A recent Harvard Business School review article sights that;

“Face-to-face encounters allow for empathy, emotional connection, and nonverbal cues to complement what is actually said”.

Presenters that are in the same room, and of course socially distanced, can undoubtedly create more energy and excitement around the event, therefore, making it more engaging for your audience. Additional presenters can always be remotely linked in depending on the format of your event.

During the past year, we have all been using virtual platforms like zoom for work and in our free time so when it comes to virtual events it’s hard to stay focused. A studio-based event treats your online event more like a TV show meaning it’s more visually engaging for the viewer.

Technical Professionals

In a studio, you will also have access to a team of technical professionals who can produce a seamless setup for you and manage all technical elements. This will take away a huge layer of stress in online event production and enables more time to focus on your brand message and event content.

If you are looking for ways to improve your technical setup for your next virtual event then feel free to take a read of our top 10 tech tips for delivering a live stream broadcast in our backstage blog.

Future Trends

Q1 in 2021 has shown a significant increase in studio-based events and we feel this type of event is a great transition on the road back to an in-person audience. No matter what’s in store for the future, we can provide the technical capabilities for your next online event.

This new way of doing events is certainly a challenge but also an exciting opportunity for the future of the industry! Have a question? Contact us here and we’d be happy to discuss options for your next event.