The Allen & Heath ZED-14 is the most compact 19-inch PA mixer from the ZED generation. It's a smaller and cheaper model out of the popular PA series, but it guarantees the same quality as the other models. This live mixer features 6 mono inputs and 4 stereo inputs, as well as 4 AUX sends and a USB connector. The AUX send/return signal can be transmitted bidirectionally via USB, so that effects from a computer or laptop can be used. The ZED 14 is equipped with a new type of fader, which has a length of 100 mm. With the right software (Sonar LE, separately available), all channels (mono as well as stereo) can be recorded separately. You can't set each channel to a separate track, but it does allow you to balance the track that you're recording with the EQ of the mixer. Using the mixer as an interface and adding effects via USB is also an option. In short: this versatile mixer is ideal for use at gigs and in home studios

Allen & Heath ZED-14


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