d&b Audiotechnik Q7. 

The Q7 speaker is ideal for medium to large sized applications, concerts, weddings, installations and conferences where controlled dispersion is needed. The Q7 can be used as a stand alone speaker, matched with a Q-Sub, and stacked or flown as a line array system. It is an extremely versatile speaker box that is capable of accurately reproducing sound sources at very high sound pressure levels. 


The Q7 has a rotatable horn so it can be mounted horizontally and rigged to a truss to create more floor space. Also multiple boxes can be rigged together and flown as a line array system. This is very convenient for exhibitions and venues where space is limited.


The Q7 is our most popular box.



Frequency Responce= 60 Hz - 17000HZ

Max sound pressure level=  138 dB SPL

Power handling capacity= (RMS/peak 10 ms) 400/1600 W

Nominal dispersion angle= (h x v) 75° x 40° rotatable to 40° x 75°

Components= 2 x 10" driver/1.3" compression driver


Power: (KSS Q7 system)

If the Q7 is paired with a Q-Sub either side of the stage or performance area it can deliver 1600W (RMS)

For large sound reinforcement systems we can provide a Q-system consisting of 6x Q7's and 12 Q-Subs set up in a cardioid sub array (to minimise excessive sub noise on stage). This system is capable of producing 7200W (RMS)


Applications: Concerts, Corporate Events, Conferences, Exhibitions, Large Weddings, large sized Parties, Large Sized Concerts or with a Q7 paired with a Q-Sub a small to medium even

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