d&b Audiotechnik Q-Sub. 

The Q-Sub speaker is ideal for medium to large sized applications, concerts, weddings, installations and conferences where extra low frequency dispersion is needed. The Q-Sub is an ideal match for a Q7. It is an extremely versatile speaker box that is capable of accurately reproducing sub bass at very high sound pressure levels. 


The Q-Sub has rigging points so it can be flown, which can be very helpful in situations where the venues floor space needs to be maximised. The Q-Sub can also be set up in a cardioid sub array. This means that the sub energy is directed towards the audience and rejected towards the rear. The cardioid sub array is especially useful in reducing sub frequencies travelling on stage which can interfere with performances, microphones and other monitor speakers on stage. It also is extremely useful in areas that have noise restrictions such as hotels, theatres and outdoor festivals. 



Frequency Responce= 30 Hz - 140HZ

Max sound pressure level=  133 dB SPL

Power handling capacity= (RMS/peak 10 ms) 400/1600 W

Directionality= Omnidirectional but can be configured as a cardioid sub array

Components= 18" Driver


Power: (KSS Q system)

For large sound reinforcement systems we can provide a Q-system consisting of 6x Q7's and 12 Q-Subs set up in a cardioid sub array (to minimise excessive sub noise on stage). This system is capable of producing 7200W (RMS)



 Concerts, Corporate Events, Conferences, Exhibitions, Large Weddings, large sized Parties, Large Sized Concerts or with a Q7 paired with a Q-Sub a small to medium event.

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