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Event sound, lighting and video equipment is at the core of what we do and a passion for all things tech is the reason we started many years ago.

We hold a large stock of equipment in house at our warehouse in Hackney, East London, where

we have been based for over 15 years. Everything we own is kept in the best of condition,

both functionally and cosmetically.


Below are the main areas we cover - Sound, Lighting, Video, Staging and Power



Our roots are in sound production, over the years we have expanded our inventory from our modest beginnings with a Turbosound Floodlight system to a vast asset base to cater for the many different types of events we service. 



Our approach to lighting is always creative. Whether it is a wedding where decorative lighting is the main focus, or a live music event where a full programmed light show is needed, we can provide a design and equipment package to suit.



Video plays a vital part in our clients events. Creative content is now the the norm in the conference environment, film screenings have also become a core of our video work (often in unusual places!) 


An increased need to add branding elements via projection or LED screens to events has also enabled us to expand our equipment stock.

2020 has seen the rise of online events and we have embraced TV magic in the new normal.

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& Set

In house we stock Lite Deck staging platforms and accessories. These can be deployed in a wide variety of configurations with carpet and front fasicia panels applied to create a smart and professional-looking event stage.  

We also regularly provide custom sets such as presentation set flats / backdrops and TV surrounds for events, These can be arranged as custom one-off designs and manufactured specifically for the event, or a client can use something from our stock.

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Supply of temporary electrical systems is fundamental to all the events we are involved in, be it a simple distro to run a PA, or powering a whole event site.  We hold a large stock of cable ramp / cover and regularly provide power for catering at the larger events we are involved in, as well as global adaptation and transformers.




On large events we are always happy to act as the lead for technical production. We will plan each element alongside the event's other stakeholders and the end client. Key KSS technical team members can attend pre-production planning meetings and presentations, and give input to overall floor plans, CADs, and production schedules.



In all the events we are involved in we will offer advice and help in the wider aspects of the production to ensure the event is a success for everyone.